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South East Regional Masters Competition

Over the weekend, the masters travelled to K2 Crawley for the South East Regional Competition. The team have been training hard on their routines and took the opportunity to scope out the pool for National masters in a couple of weeks.

The team went with five routines. First up was Ellie Holland, new to the masters squad, with her solo: Housework. Ellie swam fantastically well and grabbed a bronze medal in her first solo competition.


Next was Chloe Fletcher, with a music from Super Smash Bros. This was Chloe’s first solo competition, but it didn’t show. Chloe swam extremely well grabbing a silver medal.


Last in the solo competition was Rachael Stevens, swimming to Game of Thrones. Rachael is a bit of an old hat at her solo, that being said, she stepped it up and swam her dragon heart out, grabbing a gold medal.


Well done Soloists.


Next, we entered the duet competition. Katie Holland and Lucy Whatley put their Halloween hats on and scared the crowd and the judges with their clown inspired routine. Katie and Lucy swam their clown shoes off and grabbed a gold medal. What a result girls.


Finally, the masters donned on their Avatar costumes and took the crowd and judges to another planet. Louise Chambers, Chloe Fletcher, Katie Holland, Lucy Ruff, Rachael Stevens and Lucy Whatley swam brilliantly, the lifts, were a highlight (as always). The team smashed it and grabbed the gold medal, brilliant.


We finish without saying a huge thank you to Louise Chambers and Laura Lindley who judged the competition. Louise judged and swam on the day, to say our Chairperson wears many hats is an understatement. Then there is Laura, who sat on the hot pool side whilst being 37 weeks pregnant, proof that synchro is for life.


Let’s not forget our coaches, without whom we would have nothing to swim. Thank you to Collette and Kate for your support, coaching and your time.


Well done ladies, next up… Nationals!

KSSC Return to the Combo Cup

On Saturday 6th July KSSC made their way back to the London Aquatic Centre to compete in the 2019 Combo Cup. In just 12 months we went from 1 competitive team to 5 – a huge improvement in anyone’s book!


The day started bright an early with many of those competing in session 1 having to begin their journey not long after 5am to make the 7am sharp registration! Our Flamingo, Dolphin and Aurora teams were on top form coming together to land drill their routines and get hair gelled before descending to the changing rooms to prepare for their swims.


team took to the stage first swimming 6th out of 20 with another brilliant rendition of their Alien’s routine. In the few short weeks since London’s this team have completely revamped with the help of Coach Katie, and had their best ever swim through to finish with a huge 6 point improvement! Well done girls, if this is what you can do in one month we can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for you!



team were next up to represent KSSC and once again they had a fabulous swim of the exciting Jumanji routine. Stepping up their game these young ladies finished in the top 10 in the UK and are a definite force to be reckoned with! Coach Collette couldn’t be prouder.


were next up for Kingston and provided the crowd with an exciting and strong rendition to a medley of James Bond themes. This squad has gone from strength to strength with the help of Coaches Lis and Jess in the last few months beginning to incorporate hybrids and lifts into their routines alongside their difficult double arm eggbeater sequences. The team had a great swim and improved again from their last competition. Well done girls!

After a brief (over 5 hour) break for our coaching team it was time for the 12 & Under teams to arrive and prep for their swims in session 3. These two teams are some of the newest swimmers in the club and have worked incredibly hard to get to this great event.


12 & Under Team 1

team were first up with their trademark energy and grins to treat the crowd to another best ever swim from Kingston. With the toe-tapping tunes from ‘Sing’ the team took to the stage with confidence and produced an exciting and exceptional routine. The look on Coach Collette’s face says it all – and a top 10 place in the UK to boot. Congratulations Swordfish!


12 & Under Team 2

The penultimate swim of the entire day... With their stunning costumes and energised choreography the Marlins closed the show in style. Coaches Louise and Laura have put everything into this young and upcoming squad with Louise flying home early from Dubai to join Laura + bump to be there for the team every step of the way. With exciting arms, sharp legs and a fabulous solo from our upcoming superstar Amaya Herbert the Marlin team certainly stole the hearts of the crowd and did themselves and the club more than proud.



Our amazing Synchro Family

Lastly we cannot go without mentioning the fantastic Kingston Synchro family for the incredible support throughout the day. Thank you to Louise for being our designated judge and sitting through hours of routines as well as looking after the Marlins, to Lucy, Katie, Jess, Jackie and Collette for a stellar effort of over 15 hours at the pool (+travel!) and to all the coaches and volunteers who were there to lend a hand on the day. The support from the stands was incredible – with blocks of yellow all around the stadium it was clear that Kingston was the strongest team around and the teams really fed off that energy to provide best swims all around! We can’t wait to see you all at the next event with all the face paint and glitter we can get our hands on! 


And there we have it – the biggest competition of the year (and potentially ever in the UK) is done and dusted and that draws our competitive season to a close. Thank you so much to all the swimmers for you hard work and dedication, to all the parents for your support and taxi-services, to the committee for your organisation and finally to all our coaches for giving endless hours both at the pool and behind the scenes to give us our most successful year yet.


See you all at the AGM! (7th September, 9am, Malden Centre)

Success at London Regionals

8th June 2019 

Well what can we say! Before diving deep into the results, we want to say the hugest thank you to everyone who has made this possible. Kingston Synchro progression is out of this world, our synchro family is growing, and we couldn’t be happier.


The day started early from some with our first KSSC coach trip in over a decade! 63 swimmers along with their coaches and parents set off from New Malden to the first competition of the season. Upon arrival the judges were whisked away, and all swimmers prepared themselves for a few hard rounds of figure



A huge congratulations to the below medal winners and to everyone that competed.  

Following the figures section of the competition, attentions turned to the routines.

Flamingos that are out of this world


Competing in their very first competition having been put together as a new team in September, the girls swam a challenging space-themed routine to Katy Perry’s Extra-terrestrial I think we can all agree

they looked fantastic in their galaxy print suits and starry head pieces. The routine scored high on difficulty with a one judge awarding 5.9! Well done Flamingos we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us at the Combo Cup!

From Dolphins with love

Next up were our fabulous Dolphin Bond girls that treated us to a Spectre(cal) of artistic and acrobatic treats with almost (Dr) no mistakes. The Dolphins are another squad that have been put together this season and it’s clear to see they are a match-made in heaven. Coached by Lis Holland, Jess McEachron and Linda Wallace the dolphins have a fabulous support network behind them and its clear to see they are a rising force for the future… not just for your eyes only… for them, the world is not enough… OK we’ll stop now.


Aurora plays the game

Our next fabulous team to take the stage was Aurora squad with their exciting ‘Jumanji’ routine. With plenty of highlights this routine easily caught the crowd’s attention (as did the fabulous green suits) and it was great to see the girls’ hard work pay off. Well done to coaches Collette Crow and Jenny Batten for finalising such a well-polished team in such a quick turnaround. This group of girls are not to be missed!

Rio’s breathe fire into the competition

Over in the 12 and under division the first of Kingston’s three (yes three!) teams took to the pool. This artistic and challenging routine to the ‘How to train your dragon’ soundtrack was put together by swimmer and coach Rachael Stevens. With seemingly no nerves the girls pulled off a confident and polished performance allowing them to score highly in artistic impression. Well done Rios we can’t wait to see you swim again!

The Marlins like to move it (move it)

The Marlins requested tropical and jungle vibes from their coaches, and so the “Madagascar” routine was born. The girls pulled off an artistic and clean routine showing strength and strong synchronisation with team lifts, partner lifts and double arm eggbeater. The tropical theme was easily portrayed by this energetic and fun-loving group of girls. One judge caught the bug and awarded a 5.7 for Artistic Impression. Keep an eye out for these girls, next up is the Combo Cup!

Swordfish sail to the podium once again!

Last but by no means least our fantastic Swordfish team have made it two in two years with a second BRONZE medal at the London regionals. This year this energetic bunch performed a fun and athletic routine to songs from the hit film ‘Sing’. The girls showed their range with multiple lifts, fast-paced hybrids and sassy Ariana Grande arm movements to scoop their well-deserved BRONZE. Coached by Head Coach Collette Crow there is no stopping these girls, we’re looking forward to their performance next month at the Combo Cup.

Duets and solos

Who didn’t love Livy Crow’s emotionally charged solo. The lyrical routine really stood out on the day, with difficult double leg hybrids and some fantastically creative arm movements Liv stole the show, scoring highly for execution, artistic impression and difficulty (with no less than eight marks in the 6s, and even a 7.4). That shiny GOLD medal looks good on you Liv!

Our lovely duets Ellie & Amelia and Livy & Carys bagged joint BRONZE for their fabulous performances. Despite some issues with the underwater speaker these girls remained professional to perform impressive routines. Well done girls, we couldn’t be prouder.


As if full time careers, coaching junior squads and helping to run the club wasn’t enough, Kingston Synchro masters division train tirelessly week in week out with their coach Collette Crow to perfect solos, duets, combination and free teams. Here are some Exec Committee bios to help you get to know them better. 

Jumanji Deckwork

Masters Legwork

Flexible Marlins in Madagascar

Best CLub Fan

Swordfish Team Focus

Out of This World Suits from Flamingo

Teamwork makes Dreamwork

Dolphin Medal Winners

Mother & Daughter Bling

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