History of Kingston Synchro

KSSC is a Swim England affiliated club that has been running since 1898. We offer synchronised swimming to all ages from children to adults, and at all levels from recreational to competitive swimming.


KSSC is one of the country’s oldest clubs and has enjoyed success over the many years at County, District, National and International levels.


The Early Years


The club was established in 1898, as a competitive speed swimming club called Kingston Swimming Club. The opening of the club was triggered by the construction of the Coronation Baths on Denmark Road, Kingston. Until that time all swimming took place within a floating bath within the Thames! Despite having a lovely new pool to swim in, during the summer months the club did still use the Thames baths.


In 1945 the club was introduced to water ballet after seeing a display by the Scottish club, Motherwell, at a gala in Epsom.


In 1949 the club gained national renown for being a rhythmic swimming team and for their water ballet routines.  Not only did they swim to music but a light show as well, as the pool had underwater lighting.


The club performed in the BBC Water Carnival in Ilford, 1953.  In 1957 the club then went on to appear on TV in Seeing Sport where they performed 3 water ballet routines. They also appeared in the Radio Times.


The club remained a successful competition swimming club at County, District and National level and Coronation Baths closed in 1980 with a membership of over 150 swimmers. With nowhere to swim, the competitive members were incorporated into the local rival club, Barracuda Swimming Club.


On the 6th May 1989 the club reopened at the Malden Centre as Surrey’s only synchronised swimming club. It had a new name - Kingston Ladies Swimming Club.



Present Day


Now Kingston Synchro is a rebranded club of all ages, for boys and girls, men and women. 


We are a friendly and competitive club with over 60 swimmers, competing regionally, nationally and internationally in our sport. 


Be sure to check out our news section to find out what we've been up to.

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