Kingston Synchro Club Kit


Compulsory for Training

 Club T-Shirts, hats and swimsuits, plus a noseclip and googles of your choice. 


Compulsory for Competitions:

Club T Shirts, plain white hats, club swimsuits, plain black or club leggings/shorts.


Please note that noseclips and club hats are available to buy at our Saturday session from Linda Wallace at the front desk. 

Club Swimsuit - Girls

Club Swimsuit - Boys

Club Hat

Laxto Noseclip

Club T-Shirt

Club Towel

Club Shorts

Club Leggings

Club Training Hoodie

Comp Tracksuit Top

Club Logo Sports Bra

KSSC Sports Bra

Drawstring Swimbag

Backpack Swimbag

Holdall Swimbag

Fan Club Tops


KSSC Onesie


Gift cards are also available at our Club Shop: 


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